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Reputation Management

Reputation management known by diff-diff names — online reputation management (ORM), internet reputation management, impression management, rep management, brand perception, perception management or brand reputation management. Whatever you can call it, the goal is to shape public perception about a person or business.


Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online Reputation management (ORM)  is an effort to shape what and how the audience think of a brand or person.

We can not control what people thinks but we can change their thinking by controlling what they see because what they see directly affects the way of their thinking.

Reputation management generally relates with the sales and marketing of a business, reason is what people think of a brand is the directly affects that brand. It’s nearly impossible to sell a product to a customer/consumer who doesn’t trust or believe in your brand. 


How we can monitor Online Reputation of our business?

  • Reputation Management is an strategy that controls the thinking of the people about a brand or business by showing it online. Companies or Businesses are using various Reputation Management strategies to maintain or improve their reputation online. 
  • Companies or Businesses usually takes help from the Digital Marketing companies in maintaining their online reputation or hire people to manage it on own. They monitor and increase the business reputation over the time by enhancing the search engine results.